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By the mid-1830s, Chopin was enjoying success with the publication of his music and had also been extensively praised as a performer. These four mazurkas are amongst his better efforts from that duration, and at least the very first of them, in G minor, is one of his more popular, not least because of its relative ease of execution and melodic appeal. The four cover a vast array of moods and keyboard colors, their variety allegedly triggering the author to play them differently whenever he performed them. An efficiency of the group lasts maybe 12 or 13 minutes.

That very first mazurka, significant Lento, starts with a wistful theme, a normal Chopin development in its sophistication and overtones of unhappiness and yearning. The middle section is brighter and more vibrant, but does not quite resolve the total dark feelings. The primary style go back to enhance the reflective state of mind from the opening.

The 2nd mazurka, in C major, is bright and joyous. Marked Allegro non troppo, it attains an effective contrast with the preceding item and stimulates the mazurka’s folk-dance origins in its rhythmic vigor and playfulness. The main theme is sprightly and full of life, with the middle section of the same character however disclosing a more muscular sound. Some Chopin scholars have heard a certain step of uneasyness or discontent in this piece, focusing on the mix of church modes and other tonalities in the work, and as a result analyzing them to reflect indecision and uncertainty. In the end, this should be examined as a fine, light work of brilliant colors.

Classical Piano Music Sheet Download Chopin Mazurkas Op. 24

The 3rd mazurka in this collection, the A flat major. is marked Moderato, con anima; its primary style is vaguely reminiscent of that of the G minor mazurka, though the state of mind here is brighter. Once again, Chopin demonstrates that even when he is typically positive, he frequently can not resist recommending an unclear yearning or sensations of remorse. Still, the music is mainly pleasant and stylish throughout. The composer offers an attractive coda to close the piece.

The last mazurka from Op. 24, in B minor, is the longest, at about five to 6 minutes, and perhaps the gem of the set. It provides a variety of feelings and colors, yet every page is characteristic of the author in its beauty and grace. “Charm,” in fact, is the catchall term that best explains this piece. The primary style is intense, moving from beauty to enthusiasm, from appeal to seduction, never seeming to achieve the climactic release it seems to augur. The middle area is controlled by comparison however paradoxically builds to a climax for the reappearance of the primary theme. After a return of the opening materials, the piece fades gradually to silence.


Name Translations: マズルカ作品24 (ショパン)Mazurki op. 24 (Chopin)Mazurkas, Op. 24Mazurka’sMasurques op. 244 Mazurche op. 24
Composer: Chopin, Frédéric
Opus/Catalogue Number: Op.24
I-Catalogue Number: IFC 50

4 pieces

  • Lento in G minor
  • Allegro non troppo in C major
  • Moderato con anima in A major
  • Moderato in B minor
Year/Date of Composition: 1834–35
First Publication: 1835 – Leipzig: Breitkopf und Härtel
Dedication: A Mr. le Comte de Perthuis