Chopin Mazurkas Op. 56 Piano Sheet Music Free PDF Download

The Op. 56 mazurkas by Frédéric Chopin are a set of three mazurkas presumably written 1843– 1844 and published in 1844. A common efficiency of all three mazurkas lasts around 12 minutes.

Op. 56 No. 1 in B major is noteworthy for its major-third-related 5-part rondo structure (B major-E ♭ major-B major-G major-B major).

The 19th century composer’s fondness for the new and different resulted in the application of lots of new categories and kinds, including the short character piece. The increase of national and patriotic sensations also contributed to the look of a number of dance types and compositional categories formerly unidentified in the western European art world. It was in this environment of modification and acceptance that Chopin appropriated, developed, and elevated the mazurka, an artistic mix of 3 native Polish dance kinds, standard Polish classical music, and the western aesthetics of Chopin’s formal training.

Piano Musical Sheet PDF  Download Chopin Mazurkas Op. 56

This mini piece acts as an expedition in rhythmic, modal, harmonic, textural, and psychological range, each mazurka an unique emanation of deep sources of inspiration. The mazurkas of Op. 56 display the dramatic contrast possible within the very same genre. The very first is a jubilant, tender reflection, with an intimate salon feel. The contrasting areas demonstrate Chopin’s lyrical capability, and the subtle modification of tune in between hands attest to his developing style. The second mazurka has a true Polish flavor, with a balanced drone accompaniment, irregular accents, and rustic grace note figures. The chromaticism and sophisticated imitation among the voices are more proof of Chopin’s growing design. The dance-like 2nd piece is followed by a strange and unusual 3rd mazurka. The balanced ambiguity, integrated with the stronger focus on the second and third beats, develops a truly native feel. The contrasting section bursts into a patriotic, balanced, chordal texture, however quickly goes back to the original, winding theme.


Name Translations: Mazurkas, Op. 56マズルカ作品56 (ショパン)Masurques op. 563 Mazurche op. 56
Composer: Chopin, Frédéric
Opus/Catalogue Number: Op.56
I-Catalogue Number: IFC 55

3 pieces:

  • Allegro non tanto (B major)
  • Vivace (C major)
  • Moderato (C minor)
Year/Date of Composition: 1843
First Publication: 1844
Dedication: Catherine Maberly