Chopin Nocturnes Op. 37 Free Classical Piano Sheet Music PDF Download

Nocturnes, Op. 37 is a set of two nocturnes written and publishedin 1840 by Frédéric Chopin in 1840, although there are some reports that the Nocturne in G major, Op. 37, No. 2 was composed around the time of his stay with author George Sand in Majorca in 1839. Though originally considered to be one of the better sets, its popularity slowly decreased in the twentieth century.

Blair Johnson considers the pieces “wonderful specimens, being something of a hybrid between the more dramatic Opus 27 and the far simpler textures and moods of Opus 32.” while Robert Schumann commented that they were “of that nobler kind under which poetic ideality gleams more transparently”. Schumann also noted that the “two nocturnes differ from his earlier ones chiefly through greater simplicity of decoration and more quiet grace.”

Free Classical Piano Sheet Music PDF Download Frederic Chopin Nocturnes Op. 37
Free Classical Piano Sheet Music PDF Download Frederic Chopin Nocturnes Op. 37

On the other hand, Gustav Barth commented that Chopin’s nocturnes are definite signs of “progress” comparing them to John Field’s original nocturnes, though the improvements are “for the most part only in technique.”

Free Classical Piano Music Sheet Download in PDF Nocturnes Op. 37 by Frédéric Chopin

No. 1, in G minor

Initially marked as andante sostenuto, the Nocturne in G minor is in 4/4 meter. At measure 41, the key changes to E-flat major and goes back to G minor in measure 67. Ending with a Picardy thirs, the piece is a total of 91 measures long and is in ternary form.

No. 2, in G major

Marked as andantino in 6/8 meter, the Nocturne in G major remains so for all 139 measures. According to Dubal, the style of Venetian barcolle where the piece is styled as is engendered by the main theme’s “euphonious thirds and sixths” while Huneker noted that “pianists usually take the first part too fast, the second too slowly” and play the piece like an étude. Friskin described the piece as that the sixths “require care to get evenness of tone control.”

The piece is in A–B–A–B–A structure, which is a bit unusual for a Chopin nocturne. The melody in thirds and sixths is similarly unusual, all other Chopin nocturnes opening with single-voice melodies.


Name Translations: Nocturnes, Op. 37夜曲Op. 372 Notturni op. 37Nocturns op. 37Nokturny op. 37المقطوعة الحالمة Op.37 (شوبان)
Composer: Chopin, Frédéric
Opus/Catalogue Number: Op.37
I-Catalogue Number: IFC 69
Movements/Sections: 2 pieces:

  1. Andante sostenuto in G minor
  2. Andantino in G major
First Publication: 1840 or earlier